Open Space & Parks

Centennial will have an abundance of open space, which includes public parks and smaller neighborhood parks as well as community trails that allow bikes for sport, recreation or touring.

With this project, residents of adjacent communities will have unparalleled access to the recreational amenities that Centennial will create.

Approximately 210 acres of parks

  • Pocket Parks
  • Community Regional Parks
  • Community Parks
  • Additional Private Recreation Facilities

Approximately 95.5 miles of public trails

  • Regional Multi-Purpose Trails
  • Community Trails
  • Greenway Trails
  • Pacific Crest Trail

Permanent preservation for 5,600 acres of open space

  • Centennial is part of the agreement for permanent conservation of 90 percent of Tejon Ranch
  • Centennial includes preservation for 5,600 acres of permanent open space
  • Environmental Sustainability: Recipient of the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award

Safe walking routes, trail systems and greenways designed to connect housing with schools, shopping, and employment centers

Our trails will connect to the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and serve as a multi-purpose internal trail system, which will include off-road bikeways and a regional trail, for both recreational as well as a more environmentally sustainable commute to promote healthy lifestyles.