The County of Los Angeles is facing a housing crisis and we need a variety of housing types in various locations throughout Los Angeles County. Centennial’s master-plan will do just that; create more price-attainable housing and it will help accommodate the planned regional population and economic growth in our county.

    Dear Board of Supervisors:

    I’m writing in support of Centennial at Tejon Ranch.

    As you know, Centennial is consistent with the Antelope Valley Area Plan (AVAP), offering a wide array of housing, business park/office space, commercial, schools, parks and trails, natural open space, cultural, and public uses.

    Centennial is LA County’s opportunity to take advantage of growth at Tejon Ranch in Kern County by increasing tax revenue for the general fund and providing increased public services to North LA County, but also providing diverse working-class and middle-income families an opportunity for homeownership. This includes a 30% local hire program that will bring economic prosperity to many throughout the community. Development of Centennial will create over 25,000 construction jobs, along with more than 23,000 permanent jobs.

    Dedicated to making a community open to everyone, Centennial will be setting aside 15% of its 19,333 homes to be reserved for affordable housing for a grand total of 2,900. This figure makes Centennial the largest in number and percentage of affordable housing units constructed by a private developer.

    In keeping with their tradition of stewardship of the land, Tejon Ranch reached an agreement with the Natural Resources Defense Council, Endangered Habitat League, Planning and Conservation League, Sierra Club and Audubon California to preserved and protect 240,000 acres of biologically diverse habitat.

    As recommended for approval by the Regional Planning Commission, I urge the Board of Supervisors to approve Centennial and allow the project to move forward. We need to finally begin development for this much-needed housing.