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Open Space


In 2008, Tejon Ranch reached an historic agreement with Audubon California, Endangered Habitats League, Natural Resources Defense Council, Planning and Conservation League, and the Sierra Club in preserving and protecting approximately 90% of the Ranch. The Ranchwide Agreement preserves 240,000 acres as permanent open space.

95.5 Miles 

Public Trails

306 Acres

Parks Space

5,600 Acres

Open Space

Centennial will have approximately 95.5 miles of public trails, which include regional multi-purpose trails, community trails, greenway trails, and the Pacific Crest Trail. It will also bring 306 acres of parks space, comprised of pocket parks, community regional parks, community parks, and additional private recreational facilities. Lastly, it will preserve approximately 5,600 acres of open space throughout the community, approximately 45% of the project’s land.

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Walkability is one of the most important components of a healthy community. Walkable communities encourage pedestrian activity, expand transportation options, and have safe and inviting pedestrian infrastructure that is accessible and serves people of all ages and abilities. At Centennial, each residential unit is about ¼ mile away from a park. This includes pocket parks, community regional parks, community parks, and additional private recreation facilities.



Connectivity stimulates development and economic activity, increases opportunities, improves health and wellbeing, and reduces isolation, all while being sensitive to the environment. Centennial places connectivity at the forefront of its plans. The community will provide safe walking routes, trail systems and greenways designed to connect housing with schools, shopping, and employment centers.

Mountain Biker

95.5 miles of public trails will also be available, consisting of regional multi-purpose trails, community trails, and greenway trails. Further, the trails will connect to the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and serve as a multi-purpose internal trail system, which will include off-road bikeways and a regional trail, for both recreational as well as a more environmentally sustainable commute to promote healthy lifestyles.

Walking Club

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) begins in Southern California and travels a total distance of 2,650 miles through California, Oregon, and Washington until reaching the Canadian border. Centennial is committed to realigning the trail through Tejon Ranch, so residents are able to take advantage of the open space surrounding the PCT.

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